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Krok za krokem: 3 způsoby, jak používat Zázračný kelímek

Zázračný kelímek je jedním z nejslavnějších výrobků společnosti Oriflame; každý rok se prodá více než milion balzámů. A my dobře víme proč! Jeho skvělé vyživující složení má nekonečné možnosti použití. Tady jsou některé z nich!

Tender Care is perfect to use on your lips and face. The beeswax helps to protect and nourish your lips and to increase skin softness. The Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and moisturises your skin.

You can use it in any area of your face, but we especially like applying it in the driest areas like the lips, wings of your nose or the nostrils in winter. You can even use it to fix your eyebrows!

The unique formula is made with natural ingredients specifically chosen to hydrate, protect and nourish dry and rough skin. Therefore, it’ll work wonders for patches of very dry skin on your body as well. You can use it on dry cuticles, your hands and elbows. It also works on your feet or legs!

Turn any powder or cream eye shadow into a glossy eye shadow, cream blush or lipstick by mixing Tender Care with the pigment of whichever colour you want. Super-easy and fun!

Autor textu: Fotograf: John Buddee Hair & Make-up by: Åsa Östergren